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Not Your Dad’s Oxfords

1 Nov

First, erase that mental image you have of your dad’s work shoes. Now, fast forward to present day where oxfords are the hottest footwear among fashion savvy darlings. They’re cute, chic, and perfect for running around town in brisk fall weather. I especially love the girly spin many designers have taken on the style.


For the funky and adventurous fashionista, don a sparkly pair to play up your playful attitude.

What’s your favorite new spin on the classic footwear? And more importantly, would you sport a pair of your own?


Got Greige?

29 Oct

What’s “greige” you say? This hot new shade is a mix of two seemingly unlikely nail polish colors: grey (or gray if you prefer) and beige. When Lady Gaga was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair in September sporting this interesting color-Waking Up In Vegas by Deborah Lippmann-the greige nail polish trend was ignited.


Grey? Been there, done that. Greige? A fresh twist to bring your nails from yesterday’s news to fashion forward fabulousity.

How do you feel about the greige nail polish trend? Love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Hot Commodity

28 Oct

As soon as a little buzz starts to surround a product, people go crazy! Case in point: The Naked Palette by Urban Decay. 

I should, however, mention that this buzz is warranted because of the wonderfully selected collection of colors. The palette includes twelve beautiful neutrals which range from taupe to rich chocolate browns. Naked even features a dark charcoal, which helps take your look from day to night. After being sold out for weeks, I finally got my hands on my very own Naked Palette. It was definitely worth the wait!

Welcome to FALL :)

26 Oct

There are several reasons why fall is my favorite season. For starters, let’s talk boots.


Leather boots, suede boots, flat boots, heeled boots, over-the-knee boots, short boots, furry boots, riding boots, cowboy boots, and of course, this season’s darling: booties. Boots are a fabulous way to upgrade any outfit from plain jane to eye-catching.

Another fall trend that’s been popping up this season is the faux fur vest. These furry cuties are a quick tool for jazzing up your look and adding a touch of *glamour* for the day.

One last trend to watch out for this fall is the skinny leg cargo pant. Celebs and fashionistas alike have been spotted sporting these lately because they’re comfortable and trendy-a rare combination. In addition, the skinny cargo pants seem to flatter almost every body type…bonus! Pick up a pair of your own in olive green or dark grey for a sexy spin on this army classic.

Thoughts, questions, fashion tips? Leave me comments!